Something On My Mind

I don’t like to get mired in hot-button topics, and you’ve probably got thousands of other 9/11-related blogs to sift through today, but am I the only one who’s uncomfortable with a slate of new movies coming out today? Yes, I realize it’s Friday and therefore mandated that Hollywood churn at least one thing out, but I can’t help but look at the CW-worthy poster for SORORITY ROW with its September 11 release date plastered across the bottom and not feel the date has lost its significance.

God knows I’ve defended the genre on more than one occasion, but doesn’t opening a body-count picture on the grimmest anniversary of the 21st Century strike you as a just a bit tasteless?

(Speaking of the film, I’m currently watching quick snippets of it here in the projection booth; it doesn’t look like a must-see by any means, but it may be worth checking out for what appears to be some interesting switches in slasher genre roles. Or something.)


One Response to “Something On My Mind”

  1. It is pretty tasteless, in my opinion. That said, films like this are marketed to a demographic that is too young to A) recall the events with any clarity, or B) understand its impact. Not saying the under-25 crowd are too stupid to care, just too young for 9/11 to have made as much of an impression on them as it did on us.


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