A Brief Political Pause, with Exorcism

I don’t really blog much about politcs, mostly because I hate writing about it as much as I hate following it, but events this weekend have compelled me to mark a couple of hundred words on the topic. Trust me, I’d rather be discussing the ending of THE LAST EXORCISM.

Look, I can’t stand Glenn Beck as much as the next rational, free-thinking individual, but in the course of his “Restoring Honor” speech yesterday I was disturbed to see several comments appearing on-line–written by supposedly liberal folk who consider themselves above the smoke being blown up the nation’s collective ass–wishing that Beck would go the way of Dr. Martin Luther King a little bit further, if you get my meaning, and it made me than a little uncomfortable.

Not only does this kind of ill will give the right more ammunition against the supposed “War on Traditional Values” and justify their attempt to evangelicize the country, it’s simply bad karma. There are much more effective ways to counter Beck and his ilk. Besides, an assassination (or merely an attempt) would only cement the martyrdom Beck so desperately craves.

All right, now that that’s off my chest, WTF was up with that ending? Not only did I not find the final revelation surprising, but the entire climax was just so out of step with the film’s previous build-up that it felt . . . not so much like a cheat, maybe, but at least a sequence out of a different movie.

There. Now I feel better.


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