Holiday Horror Guide #2–Santa Claws

John Russo took a break from dipping into the NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD well in 1996 for this Pittsburgh-lensed shot-on-video stinker. Traumatized when he catches his mom bumpin’ uglies with a Santa-capped fellow (both of whom he had to kill), a young man grows up believing himself to be Kris Kringle. He turns his psychotic intentions onto scream queen Raven Quinn–played by Debbie Rochon, by far the pic’s only redeeming virtue–in a predicatable, nudity-padded slog. Fans may be amused by brief turns from NOTLD alumi Karl Hardman, Marilyn Eastman, and Bill Hinzman, but more than likely they’ll be dreaming visions of sugarplums by the midpoint.


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