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Book Trailer: SENSATION by Nick Mamatas

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Nick Mamatas, author of the Lovecraft/Kerouac novel MOVE UNDERGROUND and the amazing short story collection YOU MIGHT SLEEP . . . has a new novel out, entitled SENSATION. His pal Seth Cadin made a most unusual book trailer for it. My copy’s still on its way from Amazon, so I can’t tell you how closely the trailer fits the tone of Mamatas’ book, but it makes for unsettling viewing on its own. Fans of both avant garde and B-grade cinema should enjoy it.


Michael A. Arnzen reads “The Hotel La Setonia”

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My friend Michael Arnzen (author of PROVERBS FOR MONSTERS, PLAY DEAD, and one of the best collections of flash fiction ever, 100 JOLTS) recently received the 2011 Professor of the Year award from Seton Hill University. Here he reads his poem “The Hotel La Setonia” as part of his acceptance speech.


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SLIME CITY MASSACRE, Gregory Lamberson’s long-awaited sequel to his cult classic SLIME CITY hits shelves today. I’ve been a fan of Greg’s work, in both film and print, for quite some time; I even soldiered up to Buffalo for a chance to get offed in the movie (look sharp in the titular massacre for the guy with a hockey stick–that’s me). MASSACRE looks like a lot of fun, and I’m excited to be (albeit limited) part of it.

Stop. Just Stop.

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Okay, this is just getting ridiculous.

Can we officially declare the zombie craze, ahem, sufficiently flogged?

Sadly, if you were to look at the DVD’s back cover without the title you’d never know these girls were supposed to be the undead. They look like standard-issue gonzo performers–which disturbs me far more than the movie’s concept.

If you want zombie porn done properly (the word “properly” open to all kinds of interpretation in this context), then perhaps this is more your style:

“The Nightmare Jar” at Weird Tales

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My story “The Nightmare Jar” is the latest installment of the magazine’s “One-Minute Weird Tales” series.