Bizarro Brigade

I must admit, when bizarro fiction began gathering steam in the middle of the decade I wasn’t much impressed. So much of it seemed like sloppy, self-indulgent tripe by writers who weren’t as clever, edgy, or depraved as they hoped. At best, it was weird-for-weird’s sake with slight literary value.

Turns out I wasn’t reading the right bizarro.

Having encountered such works as D. Harlan Wilson’s BLANKETY BLANK: A MEMOIR OF VULGARIA, Anderson Prunty’s THE OVERWHELMING URGE, and especially Carlton Mellick III’s APESHIT (a supremely demented, over-the-top take on the slasher genre that left me breathless) I’ve since learned the error of my ways. I’ve discovered a new breed of daring, experimental work that’s unafraid to push boundaries–be it the boundaries of what fiction can do, style, or just plain good taste. And I want to try each variety this genre has to offer.

That’s why I joined the Bizarro Brigade. (Oh, and the free books aren’t bad, either.) Reviews can be followed right here.

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