31 Monsters in 31 Days: The Blob (1958)

When I was a kid, amorphous piles of goo and I just didn’t get along. Whether it was the “terrifying” sight of watching Godfrey Cambridge getting absorbed in BEWARE OF THE BLOB (how, even at six, I was scared shitless by such a wretched movie I have no idea) or the silicone gel-slathered weather balloon in the 1958 original, I simply could not handle the Blob.

By the time I watched Irvin Yeaworth Jr.’s much-loved classic (eight years old, I think?) I was fairly immune to the older monster films, but the scene in which the doctor falls prey to the Blob in his office was too unbearably scary. I was disappointed, I was curious (I was really into the movie at that point), but THE BLOB frightened me far too much. Fortunately, my elementary school had a picture-book version of the film, so I could safely see how the story ended. (And they say public education is doomed.)

THE BLOB doesn’t hold up so well today, but there are still enough scene that make it worth revisiting every few years (the Blob’s initial reveal from the meteorite, the classic theater sequence) and Steve McQueen is always great. And who can resist Burt Bacharach’s catchy theme?

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