Book Signings This Weekend

Book signings for both THE BIG BOOK OF BIZARRO and PUTRID POEMS & SICKENING SKETCHES are being held this weekend, on Saturday August 13. The constraints of the space-time continuum will probably keep you from attending both, but if you’re near either of the respective areas why not come out and support small press publishing?

Editors Rich Bottles Jr. and Gary Lee Vincent will unveil THE BIG BOOK OF BIZARRO at Eljay’s Books, 3233 West Liberty Avenue, in the Dormont section of Pittsburgh from 3-4pm. Several of the book’s contributors are expected be on hand as well.

Also, PUTRID POETRY & SICKENING SKETCHES editor Matt Nord and company will be signing at Downtown Books and Coffee, 66 Genesee St., in Auburn NY from 1-3pm. For more info call the venue at 315-515-3411.

Or if you’re the agoraphobic type you can order THE BIG BOOK OF BIZARRO here and PUTRID POETRY & SICKENING SKETCHES here.


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