31 Monsters in 31 Days Bonus: My Favorite Zombies

Y’know, I’m surprised it never occured to me to do this during 365 Days of the Dead (maybe because I was busy questioning my sanity–still can’t believe I spent a whole year doing that.) But it’s never too late to share one’s favorite living dead, so here’s mine in no particular order:

Machete Zombie (Leonard Lies), Dawn of the Dead

Despite being on screen for a few seconds, the Machete Zombie managed to become one of the most iconic images of one of the most iconic zombie films. Gotta love it.

Wormeye Zombie, Zombie

Same deal with the Wormeye Zombie from Lucio Fulci’s undead favorite. He was even able to parlay several seconds of screen time into a box cover appearance. Another classic image of zombie cinema (see also: shark-fighting zombie).

Orville, Children Shouldn’t Play With Dead Things

The Charles Bronson of the living dead. He takes insult and abuse until he can’t take it anymore. The scene in which he makes his final appearance is the highlight of the film.

Dr. Hill (David Gale), Re-Animator

A great zombie villain, who never lets a decapitation get in the way of his hubris. And he almost gets the girl.

Stitched-up Zombie, Let Sleeping Corpses Lie

Not sure what his story is, but he’s a memorable figure.

Tar Man, The Return of the Living Dead

“Brains!” Need I say more?

Mindy Clarke, Return of the Living Dead 3

This one probably speaks for itself.


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