31 Monsters in 31 Days: Reptilicus

Denmark’s sole contribution to the giant-lizard genre, REPTILICUS never strays far from the established Far East formula: prehistoric monster lying dormant gets awakened by intrusive modern-day technology and embarks on a city-smashing spree. What differentiates Sidney Pink’s 1961 film is the Copenhagen travelogue footage padding the running time and a distinctly non-imposing monster.

Rumor has it that the limp-looking marionette that is Reptilicus looks even more ridiculous in the original Danish version, wherein the creature actually takes flight. American-Internation Pictures opted to nix these scenes, presumably for being laughable, yet thought it was a good idea to awkwardly shoehorn in shots of Reptilicus spitting acid (in which crudely animated gobs of green ooze were plastered over scenes of scrambling Danes.) The Danish cut can be found with little hunting on the collectors’ market so you can decide for yourself which is “better”; both versions promise plenty of camp value.

Sidney Pink unsuccessfully tried to rally enthusiasm for a reboot/sequel in the late ’90s, hoping to get Roy SCheider in the lead.


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