31 Monsters in 31 Days: The Green Slime

Astronauts unwittingly infect their space station with a slimy green substance from a recently destroyed asteroid in this 1968 American/Japanese co-production. Said goo quickly transforms into an army of one-eyed tentacled creatures–hmm, subtext? Given the film’s Japanese origin it’s not much of a stretch–that threaten to overtake the crew.

Gleefully wacky, director Kinji Fukusaku’s THE GREEN SLIME is a staple of so-bad-it’s-good movie lists, thanks to its cut-rate special effects, wonky science, and hilariously inappropriate monsters. The creatures, played by children in cumbersome rubber suits, are intended to be menacing, but more often than not resemble a pint-sized SIGMUND AND THE SEA MONSTERS cosplay party. This of course is what makes the film so damned entertaining.

Plus, it’s got a groovy theme song.


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