Review: Clickers by J.F. Gonzalez and Mark Williams

(Review for Bizarro Brigade.)

We pulp horror fans are an undemanding lot. Give us a cool premise, populate it with realisitc, three-dimensional characters, punctuate the action with some imaginative set-pieces, and tell your story in clear, colorful language. That’s really all it takes to make us happy.

Of course doing that is harder than it looks, which is why we often have to settle for one or two of these crucial elements (and sometimes we don’t get any at all, but that’s grist for another rant). So when a book comes along that’s an unabashed pulp-fest and still delivers the aforementioned goods it’s definitely worth checking out. CLICKERS is such a book.

Taking their cue from the killer-crab novels of Guy N. Smith, J.F. Gonzalez and his late collaborator Mark Williams inflict oversized venomous crabs upon a sleepy coastal town in Maine. These bloodthirsty beasties waste no time in reducing the townspeople to mulch (their arrival heralded by the clicking of their massive claws)–and these creatures are nasty, giving the attack scenes a brutal edge usually lacking in killer-beast stories. But it turns out the crabs are motivated by something other than bloodlust, something much worse.

Gonzalez and Williams pull out all the stops with CLICKERS, satisfying horror fans with no shortage of mayhem and grue and plenty of substance underneath (they certainly understand that pulpy doesn’t mean stupid). Nature-amok enthusiasts will find much to enjoy here.


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