Review: A Gathering of Crows by Brian Keene

(Review for Bizarro Brigade.)

The idyllic town of Brinkley Springs is suffering a slow death. The local economy has all but dried up, leaving its residents disillusioned and desperate or looking for a way out. Yet this little burg’s demise is quickly hastened when five mysterious entities arrive in the night on a soul-consuming mission of bloodshed.

In the hands of a lesser writer this scenario could easily crumble into a cliched mess, but Brian Keene keeps a firm handle on the material. He gives us a cast of credible, sympathetic characters (including a return by Levi Stoltzfus, everyone’s favorite ex-Amish magus) and runs them through a non-stop gauntlet of terror and mayhem. The plot is as relentless as its creatures, and Keene’s never shy about spilling the grue.

A GATHERING OF CROWS is a solid example of grueling, fast-paced horror by an established master.


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