The Dead

I’ve been officially zombied out for the last couple of years, thanks mostly to burning through every half-decent undead opus for 365 Days of the Dead and a lackluster offering of subsequent zombie pics. (I think the last one I watched–at least the last I looked forward to–was ZOMBIELAND.) But despite my fatigue of walking meat-bags I’m intrigued by THE DEAD, an ambitious, origianl take on the living dead now playing in limited release. (Read Fangoria’s review here.)

I like the idea of a well-made variation of HELL OF THE LIVING DEAD, and intend to check this out as soon as I can. (Unfortunately, that’ll probably mean waiting for VOD–I’d love to see this in a packed theater.) It also reminds me of this untitled flash fiction story I wrote last year on my Twitter account:

“Underneath a hot Ethiopian sunrise the first zombie stirs. Soon no one will be starving.”


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