Halloween Jams–Dead Kennedys, “Halloween”


2 Responses to “Halloween Jams–Dead Kennedys, “Halloween””

  1. You need to check out some tunes by the Nekromantix….like every fucking title they have could be considered a Halloween Jam (just in case you couldnt tell by the name of the band, lol). Also, the Misfits have two Halloween songs…Halloween I and Halloween II, respectively. Then they have that “brains” song…you know…its something like “brains for dinner, brains for lunch/brains for breakfast, brains for brunch.” I havent heard it forever cause my Misfits boxed set got totally fucking demolished, and I know I’m too late for.Halloween, but there ya go! Oh, ans by the way, I really enjoyed your zombie haikus! 😉

  2. Scott Emerson Says:

    I like Nekromantix, too, just never got around to them (and I did the Misfits’ “Halloween” the day before this one–was tempted to do “II” as well, but I didn’t want to repeat bands). Glad you dug the zombie ‘ku.

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