Review: They Had Goat Heads by D. Harlan Wilson

(Review for Bizarro Brigade.)

D. Harlan Wilson’s collection THEY HAD GOAT HEADS is an either/or proposition; you’re either going to love this assemblage of irreality or you’ll be baffled and left cold. Which camp you’ll fall into depends on your tolerance for absurd, often obtuse fiction, but for the adventurous reader the rewards are many.

GOAT HEADS bursts with a wealth of bizarre imagery and alien, dream-like scenarios. In “Whale–with a Surprise Alternate (Happy) Ending!!!” a father and daughter bond over a whale found in a low-rent pet store, “Hog Ripping” details a most unusual hobby–tearing things in half, including livestock. And in the title story the narrator recounts a nightmarish premise that defies description, with its parade of goat-headed characters and odd goings-on. A particular favorite of mine is “The Sister,” a comic book-styled illustrated tale involving sibling relations and vehicular mayhem.

With a satisfying blend of the humorous and grim, THEY HAD GOAT HEADS offers quite a feast for the bizarro enthusiast.


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