Review: The Sex Beast of Scurvy Island by Andersen Prunty

(Review for Bizarro Brigade.)

A team of mystery-solving porn stars hopped up on suspicious energy drinks travel to a resort island to figure out who (or what) has been killing its men and impregnating its women in this hilarious, raunchy SCOOBY-DOO spoof from bizarro master Andersen Prunty. True, Prunty has essentially written a dirty parody of a kid’s cartoon–and it is plenty dirty, suggesting Prunty’s probably seen D’Amato’s PORNO HOLOCAUST a couple of times–but it’s spot-on and peppered with many colorful, and off-color, details. It’s also really, really funny–if your sense of humor is more than a little perverse.

Currently available on Amazon as a 99-cent ebook, THE SEX BEAST OF SCURVY ISLAND is a brisk, entertaining read well worth your dollar. You’ll never look at Scooby Snacks the same way ever again.

(UPDATE: Andersen Prunty informed me shortly after this review was posted that he has not, in fact, seen PORNO HOLOCAUST. I didn’t quite recommend he correct that, but I’d be curious as to his reaction to it.)


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