Review: Hellhole West Virginia by Rich Bottles Jr.

Author Rich Bottles Jr. continues his brand of “humororrorotica” with his second novel HELLHOLE WEST VIRGINIA. Not content to simply focus on a single plot, Bottles offers several seemingly unrelated storylines before mashing them together in an over-the-top riot of Mountain State madness; in addition to vampiric eco-terrorists, you’ll find cave-dwelling zombies, a seedy motel/tattoo parlor with unusual amenities, and the real story behind the Mothman.

HELLHOLE is a swift, entertaining read, with frequent detours into deviant sex and colored with raunchy, often unspeakable humor (there’s a doctor’s visit in this book that ranks as one of the most hilariously repellent scenes I’ve ever read). Fans of Richard Laymon or Edward Lee’s backwoods tales will want to plan a trip to Hellhole.


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