Women in Horror Recognition Spotlight #1–Elsa Lanchester, “The Bride of Frankenstein”

February is Women in Horror Recognition Month, so here at Brain Nuggets we’ll be devoting the next 29 days to honor some of the actresses, writers, filmmakers, bloggers, and characters who’ve made a lasting impact on the genre (or at the very least, made an impact on me). It promises to be a lot of fun, I hope you’ll stick around.

To kick things off, why not pay tribute to one of the first feminine horror icons, Elsa Lanchester? As the patchwork mate of Frankenstein’s monster, Lanchester’s Bride isn’t exactly a flattering portrait of the fairer sex–she’s inarticulate, more beast than human (and ungrateful, too, rejecting ol’ Boris without even a “How do you do?”)–yet she’s a strikingly memorable figure, one that remains instantly recognizable to this day.

And, in a neat thematic twist, Lanchester also plays the Mother of Frankenstein in the same film as author Mary Shelley.


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