Women in Horror Recognition Spotlight #5–Author Charlee Jacob

With nearly a thousand publication credits under her belt, Charlee Jacob is one of the most prolific authors to emerge from the small press. In addition to a plethora of short stories and poems (a glimpse at her nostalgia-inducing bibliography shows appearances in such fondly-remembered zines as PRISONERS OF THE NIGHT, PALACE CORBIE, and MIDNIGHT ZOO), she’s written such notable novels as THIS SYMBIOTIC FASCINATION, SOMA, and the Bram Stoker Award-winning DREAD IN THE BEAST.

Jacob frequently explores themes of moral corruption and degradation, shot through with a liberal dose of eroticism (much of her work is not for the faint-hearted) and rendered vividly in baroque, lyrical prose. Challenging, grim, and brutal, Jacob’s writing is a downbeat yet refreshing alternative to safe, formulaic genre fiction.

Sadly, deteriorating health has slowed her output, but most of Jacob’s work remains in print for discovery (or re-discovery), and her back catalog has recently gotten the ebook treatment. She’s also produced some striking therapeutic art, which you can peruse on her website.

Highly recommended reading.


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