Review: Like Death by Tim Waggoner

As a child Scott Raymond witnessed the horrific slaughter of his parents by a barely-seen, shadow-like figure. Now an adult, he’s a true-crime writer whose haunted past (and tendency to get too close to the dark heart of his subject matter) has cost him his marriage. Working on a new book about an abducted girl, Scott finds himself on a strange journey that no only uncovers secrets of the past, but reveals mysteries of the fabric of reality.

An engaging, briskly-paced read, LIKE DEATH takes the tropes of the suburban-idyll thriller and injects them with a wealth of bizarre imagery (arachnophobes take note!) and memorable characters. The reality-bending twists Waggoner throws into the mix, while grounded by a believable, sharply-drawn cast of players and the mundane details of everyday reality, helps offset the queasiness that sometimes comes with novels about child abduction/murder. The result is an imaginative dark fantasy that should easily appeal to fans of suspense, speculative or otherwise.


2 Responses to “Review: Like Death by Tim Waggoner”

  1. Thank you for reviewing Tim’s book! You mind if I use that last paragraph as a review blurb for our product page?

    Apex Publications

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