Review: Trolley No. 1852 by Edward Lee

(Review for Bizarro Brigade.)

In 1934, a cash-strapped H.P. Lovecraft receives an unusual invitation to submit a brand-new story to a clandestine group of literary enthusiasts. There’s only one requirement–the story must be pornographic. Tired of subsisting on cold beans, Lovecraft accepts the request, weaving his penchant for otherworldly beings into a tale of a trolley-bound bordello racing through the bowels of New York where sex acts that defy description occur.

With TROLLEY NO. 1852 Lee delivers the kind of pulpy, visceral story that helped earn him the King of Hardcore Horror crown, told in a fine facsimile of Lovecraft’s verbose, rococo style (and it’s easy to imagine his glee in describing the kinds of scenarios the man from Providence never could’ve gotten away with). His way of filtering Loveraft’s sweeping cosmic terrors through his own sensibilities should make this a treat for fans of either author, as there’s no shortage of surreal imagery and aberrant sex. TROLLEY is a thrilling pulp-era homage with plenty of bite.

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