Review: The Starling Connection Part 1: Lifeline by Theodore Webb


In the first installment of his Starling Connection series Theodore Webb presents a chilling dystopian future not too far removed from our current society, an Orwellian backdrop of constant surveillance, immersive, ubiquitous social media, and manufactured realities that soothe and distract from harsher truths. Thrust into a high school environment of carefully controlled thought expression and mandatory school spirit, a small cadre of free-thinking students struggle to break the norm of “Work, Consume, Conform, Repeat.”

Extrapolating current anxieties to frightening but plausible extremes, Webb has much to say about privacy in the digital age, our dependency on prescription medicine and technology, and the state of the working class, filtered through the unique voices of his non-conformist protagonists. While LIFELINE mostly sets the scene and plants the seeds of conflicts to come, it’s an intriguing beginning that whets the appetite for future stories.

(LIFELNE will be available as a free download via Amazon on December 25 and 26. If you don’t want to wait you can order it now here:


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