My Top Reads of 2012

Just like the title says, my favorite books published in 2012, in alphabetical order.


Carnage Road by Gregory Lamberson

Zombie books, especially the end-of-the-world variety, are the proverbial dime a dozen these days, but in this bittersweet novella author/filmmaker Gregory Lamberson makes a worthwhile trip down this well-traveled road. As modern society collapses under an onslaught of the living dead, two bikers hit the highway for a farewell tour of America. It’s a poignant statement to life in the twenty-first century, and one of the few books I’ve read this year that I wished was longer.


The Gorelets Omnibus: Collected Poems 2001-2011 by Michael A. Arnzen

Kind of a cheat, as this volume collects Michael Arnzen’s delightfully weird web-based poetry and other assorted ephemera from the last decade, but what a collection it is. A wealth of strange, satirical, and clever poetry that packs an incredible amount of detail and power in their short line counts.


The Last Kind Words by Tom Piccirilli

Tom Piccirilli writing at the top of his game, and he doesn’t make this list? As if.


Suipsalms by John Edward Lawson

Lawson’s collection of suicide poems is frequently bleak, beautiful, humorous, and challenging. An awe-inspiring offering of verse.


Working Stiffs by Lucy Leitner

Zombies again, this time in a corporate satire from debut novelist Lucy Leitner. Leitner not only deserves kudos for a workplace zombie comedy that’s actually funny, but she sets the action in Pittsburgh without invoking/fetishizing/dismissing the world of George Romero (it skewers ‘Burgh culture more than the living dead, and quite well).


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